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Cross the BRIDGE into Paradise Pt 2


On weekends, Bridge Cafe transforms from as quiet peaceful nook into a bright and bustling hive of activity. It’s honestly a great place to spend a lazy weekend afternoon just reading a book or people watching with a cup of delicious organic iced chocolate in hand.

Iced Chocolate

This is definitely one memorable cup of chocolate! Bridge Cafe’s organic chocolate means that their chocolate drinks are richer and more flavourful (not to mention healthier!), every mouthful a chocolatey delight. The last time I was there, I tried their Hot Chocolate and greatly enjoyed the warm rich flavours. This time, I decided to give their Iced Chocolate a try. While it was not as thick and rich as the Hot Chocolate, it had a sweeter and milder taste, refreshing and satisfying at the same time. Honestly, i’m torn between the two, and both are perfect to start your meal with.


As breakfast people, the SMUDGE taste testers were excited to see what the brunch menu had to offer. While we were a little disappointed that their Rosti was not available, everything else looked great and we had a tough time picking our meals.

Vege BreakfastVege Breakfast ($14)

I super super love this dish! It was an all round SMUDGE taste testers’ favourite. The fluffy eggs and slightly salty spinach together with the soft brioche tasted amazing together. And who can deny loving vegetables like potatoes, tomatoes and mushrooms? This scrumptious dish was gobbled up within a few moments!

Classic Eggs BenedictClassic Eggs Benedict ($14)

For those who love eggs and ham, you can’t go wrong with the Classic Eggs Benedict with its traditional English Muffins. Although we wished for more hollandaise sauce on it, we still enjoyed this dish very much. The plating was a rustic and beautiful contrast against the dark black tray, giving us many picture worthy moments!

Full-House BreakfastFull House Breakfast ($15)

Fluffy, light eggs, salty bacon, thin strips of fragrant ham and a juicy sausage. Paired together with a delicious croissant, everything you’d expect in a perfect breakfast. The sausage especially was more flavourful than the normal sausages we usually eat, extra juicy and salty!

Lox & EggsLox & Eggs ($14)

Our SMUDGE taste tester would like to stress on the value of this dish. Smoked salmon with your breakfast for just $14!! ($11.20 after 20% discount!) The saltiness of the smoked salmon went perfectly with the spinach, eggs and brioche. A lovely combination that got us all excited!


So why is this humble looking croissant making a special feature here? Well, we loved it so much that Lawrence ordered a plate of them just for us! Don’t look down on these modest croissants. Each roll contains light, fluffy, doughy goodness, sure to fill your tummy with warm happiness! Even after leaving them for a while, the croissants were still crisp and light with a sweet and buttery aftertaste. We loved the fact that it was not very oily and did not leave us feeling bloated like other croissants tend to do. We just couldn’t get enough of this!

So once more, Bizcom presents Bridge Cafe! 15% off for SMU students (+ 5% if you like their Facebook page!), with free wifi and power points! We strongly encourage you to make a trip down to Bridge Cafe if you haven’t. Great food and atmosphere awaits!



Nestled between North & South Bridge Roads is an up and coming new Café/Restaurant named after it’s location. SMUDGE by Bizcom introduces you to Bridge Café, a must try Café just a few streets down from the Admin Building!

From the admn building, you can head straight through Bras Basah Complex onto North Bridge Road.

Location 2

From there, cross the road to Seah Street and continue walking towards Swee Kee.

Location 1

Continue walking straight through the pavement for about a minute. The café will be marked by a pretty vintage bicycle.

Li Xuan

Our bright and cheery SMUDGE taste tester enjoying the vintage décor of Bridge Café!


Inside the café, the décor is versatile for different ambiences. In the corner, the snug couches invite you to make yourself comfortable, and the large wooden tables by the window feel warm and spacious – perfect for studying on a lazy afternoon.



Lawrence, the owner of Bridge Café Singapore is a perfectionist, seeking only the best for his café. This includes the small details such as the coffee beans used in a simple cup of Cappuccino. SMUDGE taste tester testifies on the pleasantly smooth coffee with its artistically frothed milk.  However, my personal favourite is their organic chocolate drinks which will be featured in Part 2 of “Crossing the BRIDGE to Paradise”, so stay tuned!

Tomato Soup

Soup of the day ($6) – Tomato Soup

The soup was thick and tangy with an intense tomato flavour, a good prelude to the dishes to come.

Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad ($8)

Our favourite starter; the runny yolk amidst the fresh greens, crispy croutons and generous portions of parmesan was delicious and whetted our appetites for more. The plate was wiped clean within a few minutes!

House Salad

House Salad ($9)

Bridge’s House Salad was definitely a unique and interesting blend of elements. The comfort health foods like pumpkin and corn tossed in a sweet raspberry vinaigrette was a tasty combination. Tortilla chips thrown in for an added crunch was definitely a plus point as well!

When the mains arrived, we were excited not only by how beautifully the food was plated, but how good it looked. We definitely couldn’t wait to dig in!


Chicken ($16)

Think tender chicken lying on a bed of creamy mash with a selection of roasted garden vegetables to match the earthy tones of this dish. While this dish may be seemingly ordinary, the freshness of the ingredients and succulence of the chicken elevates it into so much more. I would definitely come back for the chicken again!

Bridge Burger

Bridge Burger ($14)

A very generous portion of wholesome soul food. Just look at the grilled cheese oozing from the burger and your mouth will definitely start to water. What I really liked about this burger was the crispy large onion rings inside the burger itself. Together with the juicy meat patty, this burger will win over your heart at first bite. The side of thick fries and fresh vegetables also complemented this dish very nicely.

Veal Cheek

Veal Cheek Stew ($15)

Hearty comfort food at its finest. Tender veal cheek that pulls apart at the slightest nudge of a fork dipped in a delicious stew full of rich herbs. While I’m not normally a fan of vegetables, I really enjoyed the flavourful baby carrots and crunchy asparagus! Every element on the plate came together in a delightful meal that reminded me of warm blankets on rainy days.

Now here’s the amazing deal for SMU students! 15% discount for all ala carte items (not inclusive of the lunch set). Additionally, if you like their Facebook page, you’ll get an extra 5% discount! This means that you’ll be able to get restaurant quality food for just above $10! What a steal!

SMUDGE by Bizcom recommends Bridge Café as a great place with a relaxing atmosphere, perfect for chilling with friends or even for couples looking for a nice meal! Also, we give Bridge Café bonus points as it has free wifi and many power sockets available! If you’re bored of facing SMU’s drab gray walls, why not study at Bridge? Students are more than welcome to make themselves comfortable during the café’s lull period of 2 -6 pm.

Watch this space for Part 2, where we introduce Bridge’s weekend brunch menu! More deliciousness to come!

Bridge Café | 21 Seah Street, S188387 | Between City Hall & Bugis MRT



Got a special date but don’t know where to go? Need to impress? Bizcom has just the place for you!

Introducing, Fine Palate, the cafe that proves your finesse.

Fine Palate - Ambience

As our SMUDGE taste testers entered the cafe, they were struck by the artful decor creating a comfortable yet classy ambience. Fine Palate - Drink

Ice Chocolate

A sample of the delightful drinks available at Fine Palate!Fine Palate - Burger

FP Burger ($18)

Rated a “Must Try!” from our SMUDGE Taste Testers, this FP Burger is handmade from scratch from the perfectly toasted buns down to the mouth wateringly delicious gherkin mayonnaise used. Every single component of this wagyu beef burger tasted amazing together! Their unique side of sweet potato chips were sweet and crisp, a perfect topper to the burger. Our only regret was that the portion was not bigger!

Fine Palate - Main 2 Tuna Capellini ($20)

The tuna is really the king of this dish. Seasoned amazingly and seared to perfection, the fresh tuna was wonderful, practically melting in our mouths. While a little dry, the mix of seared sesame crusted yellow fin tuna, baby spinach, wasabi mayonnaise and sesame shoyu dressing tasted like Asian heaven. The spicy kick from the wasabi mayonnaise was also very refreshing.

Don’t go for the mainstream, Fine Palate will give you a different dining experience!

Fine Palate Cafe

51 Waterloo Street, #01-04/05



When I think of “Themed Cafe”, two things come to mind – a gorgeous fairytale setting and “must be pricey!”.

Luckily for all us fairytale lovers, Blisshouse Themed Cafe is very much the former, and not so much the latter. Stepping into the Cafe is like stepping into a storybook. The wire-framed pumpkin carriages and lush indoor garden will make you feel a little like Cinderella or Alice in Wonderland. Not to mention that this brilliant concept will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors away from the sweltering humidity of Singapore.

Cameras out, there’s so many instagram worthy moments here!

Ambience - Garden Ambience - Indoors

If their Wonderland-esque decor is not enough to convince you to visit, their beautifully presented food will definitely do the job. Trust me, writing this post had my stomach growling at the sight of the treats below!

First up: Appetizers!

Appetizers - Spicy Blue Mussels


Spicy Blue Mussels ($16)

The Spicy Blue Mussels seen above were as delicious as they looked. The spicy sauce brought out the flavour of the fresh mussels perfectly.

Appetizers - QuesadillasQuesadillas ($12) 

Now these humble Quesadillas may not look like much, but don’t judge a book by its cover (or a Quesadilla by its wrap). The burst of flavour from the jalapenos in the mayonnaise, the tender chicken, and the crispy thin oven-baked wrap not only refreshes your palette, but makes you want to go back for more.

While waiting for our mains to arrive, we had lots of fun with the pretty and vibrant drinks served!

Drinks - Bliss Mint Chocolate Oreo Bless

Bliss’s Mint Chocolate Oreo Bless ($12)

Drinks - Bliss Vanilla Rose Happiness

 Bliss’s Vanilla Rose Happiness ($12)

Drinks - Bliss Yoghurt Orange Perfume

 Bliss’s Yoghurt Orange Perfume ($12)

Drinks - Bliss Yoghurt Strawberry Perfume

Bliss’s Yoghurt Strawberry Perfume ($12)

Drinks - Orange & Lime Juice

Lime Juice & Orange Juice

So pretty, right? The yoghurt mixes (orange & strawberry) were yummy, and whet our appetite for the food to come. A personal favourite was Bliss’s Yoghurt Orange Perfume as the sour combination was unique and tasty. While our SMUDGE taste tester was afraid of strawberry flavoured drinks tasting like cough syrup, Bliss’s Yoghurt Strawberry Perfume was given its stamp of approval for the authentic taste of real strawberries!

The other drinks were a hit with the SMUDGE taste testers as well. The delightful presentation and rose flavour of Bliss’s Vanilla Rose Happiness led us to feel like we were drinking straight from a rose garden, and the mint in Bliss’s Mint Chocolate Oreo Bless provided a novel and fresh taste to the typical chocolate oreo drinks. Even the boring old lime juice and orange juice tasted really refreshing and complemented the dishes to come!

Now on to the mains!

Mains - BBQ Pork Ribs 1

BBQ Pork Ribs ($19)

The favourite of Blisshouse Cafe’s owner, Ash, and very popular amongst the SMUDGE taste testers as well. The ribs were very tender, with the succulent meat practically falling off the bones. The BBQ sauce coating the ribs were of the perfect consistency as well, sweet and peppery, a wonderful complement to the mouthwatering-ly delicious ribs. The sides of salad and crispy, warm, potato wedges served completed the dish in a  more than satisfying manner.

Mains - BBQ Pork Ribs 2

Look how succulent that meat is! Are you hungry yet?

Mains - Curried Red Snapper

Curried Red Snapper ($23)

Wow, that looked so picture perfect, we almost didn’t know how to start! The unique curry sauce – a blend of spicy Indian and tangy Japanese was a delightful surprise to our palettes. Buttery baked baby potatoes together with fresh red snapper in that unique sauce fused into a creamy delight in our mouths.

Mains - Roasted Basil Chicken Leg

Roasted Basil Chicken Leg ($23)

The skin of the chicken was so crisp it reminded us of a duck confit. The combination of crispy skin, tender chicken, and creamy mashed potatoes worked delightfully together. We also enjoyed the sautéed vegetables that are seldom seen in main courses.

Mains - Chicken

Just look at that tender chicken!

Mains - Soft Shelled Crab Arabiatta

Soft Shell Crab Arabiatta ($20)

Another wonderful concoction by Blisshouse. The heat of the peppery tabasco together with the sweetness of the tangy tomato was a great hit with the SMUDGE taste testers. Not to mention the huge crispy soft shelled crab with its sweet meat hidden on the inside. Altogether a very filling dish that’s worth your money!

Mains - US Black Angus Beef

 US Black Angus Beef ($38)

Just look at the colours on the dish! The medium rare beef chunks were cooked just the way we liked – tender and juicy. SMUDGE taste testers’ favourite part of the dish? The amazing truffle mash that tasted like heaven.

Mains - Tropicana Pizza

 Tropicana Pizza ($17)

Generous servings of fresh ham and pineapple on top of a delightfully thin and crispy pizza. What more could you want in a pizza? This cheesy treat was perfect for sharing amongst four people (maybe even five).

Mains - Combined

Mmm, what a wonderful lunch that was…

Now that our main tummies are happy, it’s time to satisfy our dessert stomachs!

Dessert - Creme Brulee

Vanilla Crème Brulee ($8)

Just look at the caramelized glaze on that Crème Brulee! With a crisp caramelized top and soft custardy insides, the Crème Brulee practically melted in our mouths. Sweet, eggy delight together with the tartness of fresh berries served on top. Yum-my!~

Dessert - Melting Heart Chocolate Lava Cake

Melting Heart Chocolate Lava Cake ($15)

If heaven were edible, it would probably taste like this Melting Heart Chocolate Lava Cake. What makes Lava Cakes so perfectly delectable? Definitely the crispy fluffy outsides giving way to a centre of oozing chocolatey goodness. The rich dark chocolate flavour paired with the simple sweetness of vanilla ice cream will definitely hit the spot for any sweet tooth.

Dessert - Pyramid of Love

 Pyramid of Love ($15)

Definitely a unique dessert belonging to Blisshouse! A pyramid of crispy toast drizzled with cinnamon sugar and topped with vanilla ice cream. The owner was inspired to create the dish after eating in a cafe in Taiwan. Stacking the toast up like this prevents it from getting soggy from the sweet sauce and ice cream, unlike the standard way of putting the toast in a box.

Dessert - Desserts of the Day (Assorted Tarts)

Desserts of the Day (Assorted Tarts) ($8)

Cute as a button, and delicious to boot! Mango, blueberries, and hazelnuts – all simple but great toppings for tarts. Before we knew it, these little treats disappeared in a blink of an eye.Dessert - Overall

A macro view of all the sweets we ate!

Do you believe me now when I say how droolworthy Blisshouse food is?

Looks expensive too, huh? Well, remember when I mentioned how Blisshouse was very fairytale-like, but not so pricey? It’s true! Lucky for us SMU students, Blisshouse Cafe is a Bizcom Partner! That means great discounts and value for money sets! Take a look below.


This weekday set lunch is normally for corporates, but now it’s also open for SMU students as well!

For only $9.90 (exclusive of Service Charge & GST), you can now get one of these delicious mains (normally worth at least $23) and a drink! So you can just head down after a tiring morning class for a booster before you go back to study again. This is available Mondays to Fridays, 12noon to 5pm.

But wait, there’s more! If you would rather widen your choices, SMU students get 15% off all items on the Ala Carte menu. Just present your Matriculation card for this great discount!

Bizcom recommends this place for its great dining experience (perfect for first dates too)! Girls will definitely be charmed by the lush green interior, and the quirky display items can be great conversation starters too.

Also, when there are no events, the private function room is open for all you selfie lovers to have fun with the luxurious sofas and vintage gramaphone!

So what are you waiting for? Head down to Blisshouse Themed Cafe at Central, Clarke Quay, #03-21 now! It’s just a 10 minute train/bus ride down from school!



Nestled in the basement of POMO, is Gelato Cottage – home of one of the best gelato in the area.


With its quaint décor and cosy atmosphere, it is the perfect place to sit and chill with a book, accompanied by a nice cup of coffee or a sweet treat. Cottage mama, Sharon is also always ready for a friendly chat, to share with you about her ice cream flavours! It is such a welcoming place that going back always feels like going home.


Sharon, the owner of Gelato Cottage, believes in creating flavourful Gelato, and constantly experiments to bring in new and innovative flavours to tease your palette. Just look at the wide range of creative flavours below, and your mouth will simply water.

Ice Cream 1

Salted Caramel, Apple Pie, Mango Yoghurt

Ice Cream 3

Dark Chocolate, Raspberry Ripple, Matcha Green Tea

Ice Cream 4

SMURFS, Bubblegum, Mao Shan Wang Durian

Ice Cream 2

Oreo, Biscottini, Cinnamon Caramel

My personal favourites are SMURF, Biscottini, Apple Pie…okay, to be honest, everything tastes so good that it’s really hard to pick a favourite.

Don’t be put off by the neon blue colour from its namesake, SMURF is a rich caramel flavour embedded with rainbow sprinkles. What more could you ask for? Biscottini was the first ever Gelato Cottage flavour I tried, and I fell in love with it instantly. Creamy with a light coffee taste, together with cookie crumbs, this sweet treat made me want to go back for seconds and thirds. When I ate apple pie, I was so surprised how close to an apple pie the gelato tasted. It really tasted like apple pie in gelato form. Cottage mama Sharon explained how she believed in staying true to the dishes she wishes to recreate in her gelato, and adds an extra dimension by putting actual apples and pastry crumbs in her ice cream. Mmm yum! You can now have apple pie and ice cream in one great scoop!

Check them out during seasonal periods for special flavours like Pineapple Tart!

Gelato Cottage not only serves sweet treats, but rises to the occasion with their savoury delights, packed with warmth and flavour that will send you back for more.

Cottage Pie

This mini Miss Sheya’s Cottage Pie was filled with such potato-y goodness that I couldn’t get enough of it. For potato fans, fear not! Their usual servings of Cottage Pie are in a full meal size, served up in a casserole. Mushrooms, bacon, ham, and potato, a heavenly combination that no one can resist.

Ice Cream 5

Their savoury waffles are also a force to be reckoned with, scrambled eggs, chicken and lettuce all sandwiched between a waffle. Want dessert for lunch, but still craving something substantial? There you have it, the dessert meets lunch in a perfect match.

Another specialty of Gelato Cottage which we were unable to try is also their Waffles Fritata, an Italian omelette with assorted fillings of your choice skinny waffles drizzled with mayo and okonomiyaki sauce. You can choose from assorted fillings such as prawns, smoked salmon, chicken ham, chicken sausage, mushroom and tomato!

If your tummy is rumbling and your mouth drooling after reading this, do head down to Pomo for a sensory treat! SMU students have a 10% discount!

1 Selegie Road
Pomo, B1-04

Also follow their Facebook page for more updates on their exciting new flavours!



Zi Char is one of the best ways to chill with your friends over a great inexpensive meal!

Bizcom introduces to you Le Chasseur – despite its fancy name, it’s a down-to-earth zi char store which serves up delicious dishes for very reasonable prices!

Le Chasseur 1 Le Chasseur 2 Le Chasseur 3

A plate of sumptuous fried chicken for $7. The claypot dish you see in the middle is just $11 for a small pot, and $20 for a large. A group of 5-7 people can definitely eat here for about $10 per pax.

So, forget about boring old Chomp Chomp, Bedok 85, or all the other typical supper places. Head down to Blk 27 Eunos Road 2 for a hearty dinner with your friends today!




What’s this we hear?

“Singapore’s so boring…”

“There’s nothing to do!”

Fret not! Bizcom presents our very own 5 Things to do with your Friends!

Number 1

Have a picnic!

Singapore is actually full of scenic locations. Here are a few recommended places!

Marina Barrage (you can even fly kites), East Coast Park, Labrador Park, Gardens By The Bay (East)

So here’s how you can create your very own picnic!

Step 1: Get a group of awesome friends

Step 2: Have a potluck!


As you can see, everyone contributed a little something that resulted in a sumptuous and healthy lunch!

Easy lunch ideas:

Pasta Salad

Couscous with Chicken

Caesar Salad (You barely have to cook!)

Or the old fall back – Fried nuggets & sausages

Step 2b (for those who are too lazy to cook): Head down to Cold Storage or Marketplace – Both are near SMU.

From there, you can buy a great variety of delicious ready-made food to bring to your picnic!

Sometimes they have deals like a whole honey glazed or BBQ chicken for $4.99! What we did, was to buy a whole chicken, some wrap skins, Doritos, and Japanese Sesame sauce. Put everything together, and you get delicious budget wraps for a happy-sunny picnic!

Picnic 2 Picnic 3

For the health conscious, you can even buy pre-made salads from Cold Storage to put into your wraps! As delicious, or maybe even more so!

So get your picnic mats out, and enjoy a day of sunshine with your friends! Stay tuned for more of Bizcom’s 5 Things to do with your Friends.



I love Japanese cuisine. Especially ramen. With rich pork broth and delicious eggy noodles, it fills your tummy with many warm, happy feels. However, the best thing about ramen is the special Japanese boiled eggs which I can never get enough of! I’m always terribly disappointed when all I get is half a puny egg. That is why discovering Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King and it’s unlimited supply of boiled eggs has been like discovering the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow to me!

Tonkotsu 1 Tonkotsu 2 Tonkotsu 3

Pricewise, Keisuke Tonkotsu King is pretty standard – about $10-$15 per bowl. However, what really seals the deal is definitely the free flow of boiled eggs, especially for an ardent egg fan like me. The store also provides a cute bowl of sesame seeds for you to play flavour your ramen with, not to mention its menu allows you to customise the ramen broth to your own tastes.

For all ramen fans out there, do pop by Keisuke Tonkotsu King at Orchard Hotel, #01-19, 1 Tras Street for some eggy-licious ramen!



Not many might know that amidst the numerous printing shops of Sunshine Plaza, next to the ever popular Thai Gold Food, is the home of great ice cream.


With its box-crate tables and quirky glass drawings, Merely is a great place to just chill out with friends or even take a respite from the relentless Singapore sun.

Merely 1 Merely Flavours 2

The great selection of flavours will make any ice cream lover drool!

With quirky flavours like Horlicks Panda and Root Beer Float constantly being invented, together with  more traditional flavours like Salted Caramel (my personal favourite) and Dark Chocolate, Merely will definitely satisfy the tastebuds of anyone. Not to mention that all their ice cream is handmade, using only natural ingredients. So, for those watching your diet, fret not, Merely is safe!

A couple of us went to try out some of Merely top flavours, together with their trademark waffles, and believe me when I say that it was finger-licking good – even after we had just come from a buffet.

Merely Waffle

The creaminess of the ice cream together with the crispness of the waffle blended together in a most delectable way. As a fan of all desserts, red velvet cheesecake in creamy ice cream together with the waffles was a dream come true.

If you’re not up for a waffle, their giant cones are also as delicious, and highly worth the $0.50!

Tried and tested by Bizcom, Merely is the to-go place when you’ve got a break in between lessons, or when you want to treat yourself after  a day mugging in the library. It could also make a great meeting place for project groups who want to bond over something sweet and yummy!

91 Bencoolen Street
#01-13 Sunshine Plaza